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Have You Ever Wondered...

Why some people are able to leverage the stock market to consistently grow wealth, and build the kind of quality life they want?

While others have small wins here and there, their lives never change.

In the market there’s always a winner and a loser, someone making money and someone losing money.

But we have the cheat code to ensure that you win more than you lose!

You Need 3 Things

In order to find success in a hyper-competitive market

Cutting Edge Software

with lightning quick market predictions based on historical and real-time market conditions.

Market Knowledge

and education to process information to take level-headed action.

A Community

that is always there to help when you have questions or need support.

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What You’ll Learn:

Module 1

Market Knowledge

Learn the temperament of the market, stock ETFs and options, indexes, types of securities, your behavior in relation to the market, market sectors, and more.

  • What moves the market
  • What are stocks, ETFs + options, etc.
  • Purpose of things like indexes
  • Types of securities
  • How you should behave in relation to the market
  • Market sectors

Module 2

Market Knowledge Deep Dive

Deeper understanding of market types and forces, along with personal mastery and risk management.

  • Market sectors + categories
  • Market cycles and sector rotation
  • Emotional mastery
  • Building trading style
  • Risk management
Module 3

Fundamentals of Trading

Understanding how to perform analysis into financial statements and external information to gain insight on a company's future performance.

  • Qualitative factors
  • Industries
  • Financial + income statements
  • Cash flow
  • Introduction to valuation
Module 4


How to use trendlines to gain insight of where the market is headed.

  • Counter trend trading
  • Fibonnacci retracements/extensions
  • Bollinger bands
  • How to use them
  • How to use Relative Strength Index
Module 5

Intro to Options

Understand what options are and how you can leverage them to work in your favor.

  • What is an option
  • How are options valued
  • Key points on Options
Module 6


Understand what spreads are and how to effectively look at them to gain insight.

Vertical Spreads

  • Bull Call Spread
  • Bear Call Spread
  • Bull Put Spread
  • Bear Put Spread


  • Long Straddle
  • Short Straddle

Why Join the Cheat Code Academy?


We focus on giving the members within our community the tools and knowledge they need to make things happen.

We know that it’s not always easy to break in, but by having a thriving community along with constant hands-on learning and professional support , our members stay motivated, growing personally and alongside the whole community.

Finally reach and go beyond their financial goals

Learn to perform and build an additional income stream through hands-on, immersive trading and investing training

Achieve financial freedom

No matter your current level of Technical, Fundamental and Market Knowledge. By the end of your training,  you'll walk away with the ability to make clear headed decisions without having to rely on hype or fear.

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Student Success

Finally start making decisions based on fundamental and technical market forces… 

Without being absorbed by irrational market psychology which typically makes most people make poor decisions.

Develop the fortitude to make consistent decisions with confidence that will allow you to grow no matter what.

If you’re really serious about learning what it takes to use the stocks and options market to consistently grow wealth and build an income vehicle, then this is going to be the most important course you take.

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