The Real Estate Course To End All Real Estate Courses

Time and again, studies have shown that investing in Real Estate is one of the most sure ways to become a millionaire. From commercial properties to single-family residential units, there are plenty of investment opportunities out there. Sometimes though, getting started is the hardest part.

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The Most Comprehensive Real Estate Rentals Masterclass On The Market

In this Masterclass, we’ll discuss everything from how to acquire your very first unit to how to build a rentals empire – and everything in bewteen. From finding lenders and receiving funding to finding tenants and collecting rent: out Real Estate experts will give you the blueprint.

Everything You Need To Know To Start Investing In Real Estate

What You’ll Learn:

Module 1

Introduction & Welcome

  • Welcome
  • 4 ways to get paid with rentals
  • Sleeper Deals - Turnkey vs. Value Add
  • Getting Connected
  • Building Your Team
  • Contact Tracker
Module 2

Funding Your Real Estate Empire

  • Filling the deal bucket - Notes and Cash
  • Low Down Payment & Conventional Loans
  • PMI Explained
  • Best Loan Terms
  • Getting Prequalified
  • What to ask Lenders
  • Lender Questionnaire
  • & More!
 Module 3

Finding and Securing Sleeper Deals

  • The MLS
  • Off Market
  • Building Relationships with Realtors
  • Characteristics of Sleeper Deals
  • Making an Offer
  • Sample Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • Negotiations
  • Closing, closing costs, and documents
 Module 4

Due Diligence

  • Do The Diligence!
  • Home Inspection
  • Sample Inspection Report
  • Sample Request for Repairs
  • Special Inspections
  • Due Diligence Package
  • The Deal Roadmap
  • In-person walkthrough
  • Evaluating The Area
 Module 5

Evaluating Rentals

  • Numbers Don’t Lie!
  • Finding Rental Comps
  • PITI - In Depth
  • Estimating Expenses
  • Using The Cheat Code Rental Calculator
  • The Cheat Code Rental Calculator
 Module 6

Managing Rentals

  • Leasing 101 - Finding Tenants
  • Leasing 102 - Screening Tenants
  • Sample Rental Application
  • Leasing 103 - Documents
  • Sample Lease Agreement
  • Move In/Move out
  • Move In/Move Out Checklist
  • Collecting Rent
  • Maintenance
  • How to Minimize Vacancy and have ZERO Gaps in Rental Income
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
 Module 7

Scaling Your Rental Empire

  • Househacking
  • Single Family vs Multifamily
  • The BRRRR Strategy
  • 1031 Exchange

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We focus on giving the members within our community the tools and knowledge they need to make things happen.

We know that it’s not always easy to break in, but by having a thriving community along with constant hands-on learning and professional support , our members stay motivated, growing personally and alongside the whole community.

Finally reach and go beyond their financial goals

Learn to perform and build an additional income stream through hands-on, immersive trading and investing training

Achieve financial freedom

Finally start making decisions based on fundamental and technical market forces… 

Without being absorbed by irrational market psychology which typically makes most people make poor decisions.

Develop the fortitude to make consistent decisions with confidence that will allow you to grow no matter what.

If you’re really serious about learning what it takes to use the stocks and options market to consistently grow wealth and build an income vehicle, then this is going to be the most important course you take.

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