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Commodities and Futures Crash Course

Learn how to trade and invest in one of the largest markets in the world with our new Futures Masterclass.

You’ll learn how catalysts like geopolitical activities and market news affect financial futures. What type of trading works best for your risk tolerance and trading style. Plus how to use futures trading to predict market trends and sector rotation.

We go over all of that and more in our Futures Masterclass.

Course 1-3

  • Commodity and Futures Markets History of Contracts and Hedging
  • Brokers, Data Fees, Trading Platforms
  • Contract Markets, Leverage, Points and Ticks

Courses 4-6

  • Contract Markets
  • Trading is a Business
  • Pros and Cons of Futures and Market Nomenclature

Courses 7-9

  • Futures Terminology -- Fast Markets
  • Commodity and Futures Fundamentals
  • Technical and some indicators

Courses 10-12

  • Emotional Magic
  • Conducting Trades and Basic Brackets
  • Patience Discipline and Focus -- Setting Expectations