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Crypto Mastery Course

Modules 1-3

Module 1: The Blockchain
Overview of the differences between Bitcoin and the Blockchain. Explanation of the Blockchain and how it works. Overview of the relationship between The Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. What is money and its value?

Module 2: Bitcoin
Origin of Bitcoin & Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin’s blockchain and Proof of Work. Economics of mining blockchains and its environmental cost.

Module 3: Applications and Safety of Bitcoin
Alternatives to Bitcoin. Storage of BTC and decentralization. Forks and why they happen.

Modules 4-6

Module 4: AltCoins
Permissioned Blockchains and Proof of Stake. Popular 5 Altcoins: ETH,LTC,XRP, BCH,DOGE.

Module 5:
Smart Contracts and Their Applications Escrow Transactions and Interdependent Transactions. Safety and Anonymity.

Module 6:
4 ICOs Overview of Initial Coin Offering. Their potential and Risks. Comparison of IPOs and ICOs. Regulations and International markets. How to create your own Coin.

Modules 7-10

Module 7: Ethereum, DeFi, and Smart Contracts
Overview of Ethereum and how it works. Applications of Ethereum. Smarts contracts and their potential. PoS. Programming language and mining.

Module 8: DeFi Potential and Applications

Module 9: Trading Cryptocurrencies & NFTs Major trading platforms. Regulation and Safety. Psychology and Elliott Wave.

Module 10: Overview of Non-Fungible Tokens and their Potential Value