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Reach new levels of financial success by finally understanding how to make your money work for you in Forex.

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Learn the Secrets of the 1% 

Is it possible to set up an income stream where you can build income and wealth without spending all of your time working?

Could you create something that will grow exponentially? Better than any bank could in a lifetime?

If your current method of income generation is only exchanging your hours for dollars, then there is a BIG limit on how much you can really earn.

It’s just the social contract of the modern world.

STOP Waiting to LEARN Before You Take More Losses

We've all been there. Here’s where people get stuck

Most don’t know how to leverage money so that it works for and not against their interests.

In other words, most people are eager to create a lucrative and sustainable income stream to simply live a quality life… but aren’t aware of the tools and methods that the 1% are using to grow their income year over year, month after month, day over day.

They don’t understand financial literacy...until now.

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Welcome to the Forex Mastery Course

Here's what it's all about:

Built and optimized by long-time industry veterans, we've been improving our approach with our 16,000+ member community to deliver an all-inclusive training program where we teach you to understand the mechanics of the forex market on a fundamental level.

As you’re going along, you’ll be able to implement the skills you’re learning in real-time. All while getting support from our team and our trading community.

Train with the same knowledge and tools the big guys are using to make their decisions

Course Content: Become a PRO with our proven belt system

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Why Join the Cheat Code Academy?


We focus on giving the members within our community the tools and knowledge they need to make things happen.

We know that it’s not always easy to break in, but by having a thriving community along with constant hands-on learning and professional support , our members stay motivated, growing personally and alongside the whole community.

Finally reach and go beyond their financial goals

Learn to perform and build an additional income stream through hands-on, immersive trading and investing training

Achieve financial freedom

No matter your current level of Technical, Fundamental and Market Knowledge. By the end of your training,  you'll walk away with the ability to make clear headed decisions without having to rely on hype or fear.

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Student Success

Finally start making decisions based on fundamental and technical market forces… 

Without being absorbed by irrational market psychology which typically makes most people make poor decisions.

Develop the fortitude to make consistent decisions with confidence that will allow you to grow no matter what.

If you’re really serious about learning what it takes to use the stocks and options market to consistently grow wealth and build an income vehicle, then this is going to be the most important course you take.

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